Things to do in Barcelona

7 Things to do in Barcelona

We know Barcelona inside out, and we wanted to give you a quick overview of cool things to do in Barcelona. At Pars Hostels we love to get people together, and therefore we organize so many events. Our city has so much to offer, from romantic things to do like SPAs, crazy things like driving a ferrari, mouth-watering food, exciting football, and beautiful architecture to admire.

Barcelona is certainly one-of-a-kind city, and we love to welcome you at our place to help you explore the city at its best.

Here is a list of cool things to do in Barcelona. Take it, invite your hostel mates, and explore the city with these tips.

1. Placa Espanya and its magic fountain

Come here by night to enjoy the magic fountain. However, make sure they actually take place. Check the official schedule here.

2. Park Güell

The Park Güell is another highlight. Since 2015 the main area of Park Güell has a restricted access and requires a ticket purchase. We highly recommend to buy your ticket beforehand and get a fix entrance time.

You can purchase your ticket directly at Park Güell, but (and that is a big BUT): You cannot enter right away. Most likely the next time slots over the next hours are already sold out, and you may have to come back in some hours. Avoid that, and purchase your ticket beforehand. We can help you with the tickets at our reception at Tailors Hostel and Teatro Hostel.

Gaudi Tour

3. Las Ramblas (yeah, we know, but wait…)

The Ramblas are/ is the most famous street in Barcelona – by day and night. And yes, it is very touristy, but nevertheless, it is also an experience. Wander down all the way from Placa Catalunya to the statue of Columbus. It takes you along the Boqueria Market, museums, the sex museum, a forest café, street artists, and more.

4. Sagrada Familia (yes, it’s a must-do!)

At the very least, you have to see the Sagrada Familia from the outside. If you can spare the time and money, we also recommend going in. It’s a magical place, and we consider it a must-do in Barcelona. It takes you around 2 hours to explore the different corners.

Same as Park Güell, make sure you get your ticket at least 1 day before you want to visit. Queues can be as long as 2 hours, and you don’t want to waster 2 hours of your travel time standing in the hot sun. We can help you as well with the tickets for the Sagrada Familia. Just stop by our reception. 🙂

5. Montjuic Castle and its panoramic view

Not far away from both our Pars Hostels you can find the cities hill, the Montjuic. The “Jewish Mountain” with its castle on the top is great for a visit. You can take a bus up to the castle, the cable car or simply walk. The walk takes you along a few green parks. We think, the best option is to take a bus to go up, and walk down. Easier, right?! 😉

6. Slow down and explore the Gothic Quarter

The gothic quarter is the historic downtown of Barcelona. It is also the touristic hotspot. Nevertheless, it is gorgeous and beautiful to visit. We recommend getting a fruit shake at the La Boqueria, and wander around the Gothic Quarter slowly.

Gothic Tour

7. Explore Sant Antoni, the hipster area

Our Pars Tailors Hostel is located right in the hipster heart of Barcelona. It is the coolest, most trendy neighborhood right now in the city. For good reason. Many cute and gorgeous cafés opened up, fantastic restaurants from budget to pricey, and other cool shops like vintage clothing and 2nd hand. Just step out of Tailors Hostel, and start exploring. Don’t forget your camera, you will come across cool shops, street art, and fashion.

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